Keep Creating!

To all the musicians and creative people out there — keep on going! Do not judge yourself by what is or isn't reflected back to you by ...
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Look Inside and Listen

There are plenty of reasons to be upset about things going on "in the world" today but better to use your energy to look inside. Its the ...
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Grace Gravity at The Mar Vista Sunday July 30

SUNDAY SONICS Live Music, Live Painting, DJ sets, and Poetry Haikus Sets at 12:30 pm and around 2 pm. Good vibes all around! Brunch: 11:30am-3pm www.themarvista.com ...
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Grace Gravity expresses what we’re going through, living through, and being through.
The message is strong and hopeful, and has forward motion.
Step into the parallel reality of Grace Gravity!
Heidi Kalin | The Affair of The Arts