A True Analog Recording.

Until I heard the first song played back off the tape,
I didn’t know what was missing in the sound.
I felt the difference.
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The Making of Dream Analog Documentary

Come along with singer/songwriter, me, Teri Hitt, through the process of making my first True Analog Record, Dream Analog.
Including: Recording to a Tascam M-16 tape machine, Mixing at Laughing Tiger Studio, Mastering for vinyl at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Printing the jackets and sleeves at Stoughton Printing and making the records at RTI, Record Technology, Inc.
Documentary has an EVP (electric voice phenomenon) in it that occurred when we were recording the video at Stoughton Printing.
I had no idea what it would take to make an all analog record when I started out to do it… 4 years later it was done.

Director | Producer | Editor | Music Supervison
Teri Hitt

More Music

We are waking up to more ways we can BE in this world. Embracing the innate power of love that we all have. Old ways from now remembered history. These songs are my notes I was able to jot down as we got up to light speed. Recorded at 432hz.

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…you begin to fall into the words.
Once you are in the middle of it all there is no turning back.
It’s the kind of album I would want to make. —
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck


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Beautiful song flowers start as seeds that sprout in Mother Earth. Roots reaching down toward the center of the cosmos to connect.
As perspectives shed we are exposed to new realities not conceived before, the pain of knowing it is a solo journey and the promise of something more.


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The Unzoned Gods

Sci-Fi Book Series

Book 1 – MOON
Book 2 – NonLinear Reality
Book 3 – Outside Time – Coming Soon

I had a dream I went to the Moon to be part of a consciousness experiment and I went there.
Did you?

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Story Book

  Paintings from dreams weave together in a story of cosmic awakening.
A journey of remembrance and SELF discovery for all ages.
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Art Prints

High quality prints and cards of the paintings in the Dreams book.

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