The Making of Dream Analog Documentary

A Film About Making An Analog Record.


Director | Producer | Editor | Music Supervisor — Teri Hitt

The film was compiled from footage shot on the fly — recording, mixing, mastering and manufacturing the records as well as printing the jackets and sleeves at Stoughton Printing. Songs from the album are sprinkled throughout the film as you are taken step by step through the process.

The record was mixed by Producer/Engineer Brian D. Hardin on a SSL 4052 G+ console at Laughing Tiger Studios in Northern California and it was mastered for vinyl by legendary mastering engineer Bernie Grundman (Joni Mitchell, Prince, Carpenters, Earth, Wind and Fire, Steely Dan… to name a few) in Hollywood, CA.

Before digital recording techniques were available, music was recorded to tape (analog). Teri believes analog recording is a big part of the future of music as more people become attuned to it’s innate ability to convey more feeling. Read More about Dream Analog

“There’s something special in the sound of analog recordings. I made this film hoping to help preserve this art and inspire other musicians to record analog. To me there is more feeling in recordings made this way.” — Teri Hitt
Dream Analog 180g Vinyl, CD and Digital available at BandCamp

Recording – Thunderbird Studios
Mixing – Laughing Tiger Studios
Mastering – with Bernie Grundman at BG Mastering
Manufacturing – RTI (Record Technology, Inc.)
Printing the Old Style Jackets and Sleeves – Stoughton Printing

Director | Producer | Editor | Music Supervisor
Teri Hitt