“The songs that are a part of Dream Analog came through
as if by transmission. Fleeting bits of musings and understandings woven into songs.”
—Teri Hitt


When I decided to record to tape and mix and master analog I had no idea how long it would take or what it would take to make it happen as I had recorded all my previous albums digitally. I knew how good recording to tape can sound and the feeling it has and I was driven to record this way once the idea came into my mind. There were many ups and downs but I kept trusting that all happens in perfect timing.

From 2017-2019 we recorded the songs for Dream Analog to tape on a Tascam 16-Track tape machine. The first time I heard a song played back off the tape I got tears in my eyes. Until then I didn’t know what was missing in my previous albums, all recorded digitally and released as CDs. I felt the difference in the feeling coming off the tape immediately and knew I was on the right track.

The final lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums were recorded live to 1″ tape on a Tascam MS-16 using tube and solid state gear.

Because we recorded live we made a deep connection playing the songs.

If you’ve ever recorded live you know it’s like being on a tightrope over a windy canyon… ha ha ha and when you make it and it’s good — it’s very fun and exciting. It’s really quite magical. Later overdubs were added…keyboards, horns, percussion, and background vocals.

In September 2019 Producer/Engineer Brian D. Hardin and I went to Northern California to mix at Laughing Tiger Studio. Along the way visiting the biggest Sequoia Tree. It was named General Sherman but I renamed it Mother Earth Tree.  The following month, mastering legend Bernie Grundman completed the process by adding his mystical final touches. Stoughton Printing did a great job on the jackets and sleeves and RTI (Record Technology, Inc.) made the records into a reality. It was quite a ride!


Teri Hitt – vocals, acoustic guitar
June Kato – bass
James Whelan – Hammond organ, piano, Rhodes, electric guitar
Brian D. Hardin – drums, percussion, cloud sounds
Rebecca Stout – background vocals
James – background vocals
Mike Cordone and Jesse McGinty – horns, sax, flute
Paula Montondo – additional drums
Matt Crocco – additional piano


Recorded, Produced and Engineered by Brian D. Hardin.
Mastered for Vinyl by Bernie Grundman
CD Mastering by Brian D. Hardin

All songs ©2020 Teri Hitt
except Whatcha Gonna Do ©Teri Hitt, June Kato, and Paula Montondo.
All Rights Reserved. Chaldea Music [ASCAP] Art/Design: Teri Hitt
Photos: Brian David Hardin, Teri Hitt

Cover photo is the Mother Earth Tree (General Sherman Tree) in Sequoias, CA.
— Made with LOVE in the USA. —

AAA was a signification put on records when a record was Recorded + Mixed + Mastered ANALOG.
Each “A” standing for one Analog stage of the process = AAA

A portion of all sales are donated to people and organizations that plant trees and care for Mother Earth in her myriad of forms.
We are all in this together.