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Grace Gravity is album of the week on Vinyl Revival Radio in the UK Oct. 17, 2022.

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Episode #272
Timing Notes:
Mention of Band at 17:30
Intro. and First 2 tracks = 27:00
2nd two tracks = 1:22:00


Grace Gravity, a band helmed by Teri Hitt on vocals and acoustic guitar and featuring June Kato on bass, James Whelan on keys, Brian David Hardin on drums, and various backing singers — makes an engaging impression with their new album, Dream Analog, a seductive set of songs with a decided allure and intrigue.

Hitt herself is a haunting vocalist, her high pitch delivery often bringing Joni Mitchell to mind. Occasional brass flourishes provide added intrigue, demonstrating the fact that Grace Gravity have both the spark and imagination needed to attract extra attention.

The songs center on a common theme — that is, the perception of what constitutes reality in these uncertain times and how one’s perception of self can help find a center in shifting situations. Keynote song “Whatcha Gonna Do?” provides a propulsive pulse while tracks like “Keep It Together,” “It’s Coming On,” “The Long Road,” Something New Can Grow,” and “Who U R” further affirm that positive perspective and the need to keep that dream — analog or otherwise — alive and thriving. — Lee Zimmerman, GOLDMINE, The Music Collector’s Magazine. https://www.goldminemag.com

Adding It To The Vinyl Rotation

I had a chance to listen to your record and I love it. Great songs, great production and very fine musicianship. I’ll definitely be adding Dream Analog into the vinyl revival rotation.
— Greg Carter, Vinyl Revival, KRVM 91.9 FM
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In The Center Music Video Review

“In the Center” by Teri Hitt is a provocative music video with an inspirational message of hope and encouragement amidst our turbulent times.

The song is from her cutting-edge album, Dream Analog, which opens a portal to healing frequencies, taking you into another realm of consciousness above the chaos of the mundane world into deeper dimensions of reality. The music vibrates an energy shift from the linear mind to the awakening of the spirit, which could not be more timely than now. “You can get there” in the stillness – in the center of your heart – where truth and peace abide, carrying you into the light. —Kathleen Lowson CEO/Director, Lowson International Studios
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Dream Analog: “A whole lot of ‘Je ne sais quoi!'”
🙂 — Mystic Pete, KXLU FM Radio (https://kxlu.com/)

It’s a masterpiece. — Vinyl Library

Dream Analog Review —88.1 FM, KeCG 97.7, WCCUSD Public Radio
Corey Mason

Dream Analog is a delight to listen to … I did so ten or so times, to really take in ..  musicality, lyricism, toned under and over, lines and between same… one lovely record all around. 

Dream Analog Review — Daily Vault
Tom Haugen

Executed with sincerity, emotion and plenty of universal beauty.

A record largely influenced by some of the most notable songwriters of the ’70s, Grace Gravity’s Dream Analog was captured live in a small home studio and recorded, mixed, and mastered analog.

During these hectic, often heated times, an album like Dream Analog is the perfect antidote to the chaos with its serene, almost meditative quality that would have been as relevant in the ’60s as it likely will be 20 years from now.
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June 2020

The first notes open a portal to healing frequencies, taking you into another realm of consciousness above the chaos of the mundane world. The lyrics speak of truth with emotional complexity, delving deeper within the soul and beckoning the heart to open to the light. The music vibrates an energy shift in the linear mind toward the awakening of the spirit within, lingering in the soul, long after. “Dream Analog” is a truly inspiring and transformative album that will open the hearts and minds of the collective, which could not be more timely than now.
— Kat Lowson, Lowson International Studios http://www.lowsoninternational.com

Dream Analog Review
Ermis Madikopoulos, Freelance, The Independent/UK

In an era where most records are produced digitally on software such as Logic or Pro Tools, it’s refreshing to hear a record such as ‘Dream Analog’ by Grace Gravity. 
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May 2020

“Her singing opens a portal to another realm.”
— Audience member, Electric Lodge, Venice, CA

“It’s like angels fly out of her mouth when she sings.”
— Kelly H.

“The music insinuates to be mindful of thoughts and actions in these tenuous ecologically changing times.”
—  New Spirit Journal

 “Expressing her soul through music is only part of Teri Hitt’s passion behind the creative process. With her newest album “Grace Gravity” the Culver City resident hopes that her music can serve as a path “through the gravity to the grace of knowing, of trusting, of feeling the truth, of fully being.” “When people come eye-to-eye and begin to talk about things, there can be change.”
—  Cristian Vasquez, Culver City News

“Sometimes I’ll be in a car with my friends and they’ll have mainstream radio on. I will ask for them to turn it down. They say, ‘why its just music in the background.’ I’ll say listen, let me explain, its much deeper. When you have music in the background you are setting a vibrational pattern for yourself. Especially when you are in the car with the windows up. Thats all your feeding yourself is these low vibratory frequencies.  It’s getting the collective consciousness to understand the difference between putting on the radio and hearing just any old song that is meant to do something to your vibration. They know it. There’s knowingness behind it.There are willingly altering the vibration of the music to mess with your vibration. If you understand that … As opposed to, what does it take, 3 extra seconds to put on a Grace Gravity CD? You will be doing your vibration wonders.” – Dave Cohen/Good Vibrations Radio —  Good Vibrations Radio