Zero Hour

It’s the zero hour
camps divided, world is heating up
with the hate,
the hate of checked desire
it’s a zero hour

but it’s not a hopeless case
we can expand the space
in the zero hour’s possibility

so find the space within
let your peace of mind set in

carry through, carry through
just be you

cause It’s the zero hour
not a hopeless case
in the zero hour
know your face
the zero hour , outer space
outta site, outta mind

©Teri Hitt & Jeff Reiner
Photo: NASA


  1. Good God I love your music! Teri, your voice is amazing; mesmerizing! I resonate with your spirit and hope you come to Austin soon! I just checked the schedule for SXSW and was disappointed to not find you listed.

    1. Thanks John, looks like we missed it for this year. We are looking for a booking agent to help us book gigs.
      Just got the CD finished!
      Thanks for your comment!

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