Well we made it!

GG_CDCoverMar20132013 is definitely a different energy than 2012. Seems like waves of energy are flowing around us all .. . now more than ever it is vitally important to get your creations, your music, your art, your design, your whatever, out into the world. CREATE!
Sometimes it feels like nothing is moving and things are piling up, but sooner or later the progress is seen.

Hey, why has the CD taken so long?

I can’t even relay how many different CD covers, how many different designs I’ve gone through on the new CD. Wewh! Its been outrageous! I’m sure most of you can relate as it feels like the “now” these days has become a matter of finding new ways of standing still in the hurricane. Here’s to all of you who are keeping cool as we uncover the amazing possibilities of who we are. Stay tuned for the new CD. I’ll have it available up on the site in a couple weeks. I hope you like it.

Keep on truckin ….


—Grace Gravity