War Against War selected

VC Reporter’s Art and Music Protest Project

The only antiwar song to make our list was
submitted by the band Grace
“War Against War” is a call to stop
all fighting and turn instead
our compassionate natures.

“We have to go beyond the constraints on our consciousness that have been put in place by the media and government.” — Teri Hitt

Complaining may not be socially acceptable in these days of personal boundaries and manufactured enlightenment (unless it concerns cigarette smokers and taxes) but can anyone deny how much there is to bitch about? Our constitutional rights as Americans are eroding as quickly as our beaches, the middle class has all but vanished, habitable property sits vacant while the poor sleep in cars and under bridges (in the cities that will allow it) and yes, the rich are actually getting richer. We continue to sacrifice our kids for a war against a theoretical enemy.

We ignore nuclear leaks and hunt Wikileaks. Infrastructures are disintegrating, yet construction jobs are scarce. We may be guaranteed the right to pursue happiness, but few have the time. We’ve traded sturdy cloth for paper; red, white and blue for green; stars and stripes for dollars and cents.
— Michel Cicero/VC Reporter

Article: www.vcreporter.com/cms/story/detail/true_sounds_of_liberty/9014/

Photo: Casey Wood


Westside Art Walk
July 23-24, 2011

Pop-Up Gallery
89 California St., Ventura, CA 93001

Our song War Against War, was selected to be part of the VC Reporters Art and Music Protest Project. There will be art and our music will be playing at the Gallery along with all the other bands and songwriters selected.

More info: http://soulsecretservice.com/2011/07/20/vc-reporters-art-and-music-protest-project/


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Declare your independence
from lame big business mind programming,
GMO food, careless behavior, lack of respect for Mother Nature,
the Elders, the Trees.
Declare your independence from the minds
that lack any sense of stewardship for the Earth,
the Animals, Humanity in general.
Assert your independence from mind control and propaganda,
chemtrails, money grubbing rich that are deprived and
don’t care about anything but the dollar who would forsake all else
including life on this planet.
Assert your independence from lack of inspiration,
disconnection and hopelessness.
Declare yourself a free agent from all of this.

You are a beautiful shining flower in the Sun.
You are one you’ve been waiting for.
You are cool.
You are an awakened being transforming the world with your presence.
You are beyond reason. You are beyond ego.
You are going to live through some of the most empowering magical times that have occurred on this Planet. You are going to suddenly have skills you never thought of
but always knew you had.

Declare your independence from falsehood. Declare your allegiance to Truth.
It’s all part of the plan.
— © Teri Hitt
The Ben Franklin Channel/2011