The Making of Dream Analog

A film about making an analog record. Come along with Singer/Songwriter, Teri Hitt, through the process of making a record the way records used to be made… analog. Dream Analog was recorded to tape then mixed and mastered on analog equipment. This documentary is an overview to hopefully assist anyone in making their own analog record. It includes a great interview with legendary mastering engineer Bernie Grundman Read More

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It’s Coming On we’re waking up to ourselves

—from Dream Analog by Grace Gravity: It's coming on, waking up to myself ,getting used to the feeling of everyone else. Now we have wings to fly over the horizon.

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Remember Who You Are

Whatever goes on, remember you are in a process of becoming. Becoming You is a life-long thing. Stop and smell the flowers and embrace the good around you. The time to POWER ON is NOW. Here's a song for along the way... Who U R  Dream Analog by Grace Gravity

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It’s Coming On

Do you feel the changes inside yourself? Have you recently discovered more about who you are? Has the world changed around you? Parallel realities combining... Dream Analog by Grace Gravity

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New Single Just Released: In The Center

By staying in the center you can weather this crazy situation in the best possible way. Remember you are a source of strength for yourself and others. Keep your frequency up and out of the lower level chaos as best you can. 

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Dream Analog — April 2020

As luck would have it we found a time machine and over the next year created an Analog Recording Studio in our home. When I finally heard my voice played back on tape for the first time, I got tears in my eyes. I had never heard my voice recorded in a way that could reflect it back so thoroughly. I didn't know until then what was missing in the sound. Digital was the only way I'd recorded music until then. To me, it is shockingly better. I knew I was on the right track. Over the next two years we carefully recorded these songs to tape.

Dream Analog — April 20202023-07-10T08:18:16-07:00
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