New Road Coming Soon!

I've been creating a new CD called, New Road. A 5 song EP mostly acoustic guitar and vocals. Songs about using your imagination to really vision the path ahead. Songs of remembering the bigger soul connection in everything. Songs of activation. I am also storyboarding a video for one of the songs, Better and Better. A song about taking the blinds off and really seeing the world and moving Read More

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The Long Road …

Hope you are all surfing through the Grand Cross happening in our skies! I've been creating some new songs for a new EP called The Long Road that will be released this summer. These songs are bringing through clarity on how to stand in the Stillness so Something New Can Grow. Sending Love and Happiness. —Grace Gravity —————— PHOTO: © Brian D. Hardin

The Long Road …2016-11-16T06:15:03-08:00
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