Released from the keeper on his negative throne
It was never what your thoughts were thinking
cause they weren’t your own.

You gotta free yourself
you gotta be yourself
you gotta roll off the shackles and
go ahead and shine
roll off the shackles and shine

Do you ever dream of running away
from the wars and the wires and the endless parade?
In your darkest moment
you find you aren’t afraid
You just changed and
nothings gonna be the same

You’ve got a reason to believe

© Teri Hitt – All Rights Reserved.

If you talk to anyone that really knows analog, you will be told there is a huge difference between digital and analog.

If you never heard an analog recording, then this just sounds ridiculous (What newer isn’t always better? What are you talking about?!).

When you really hear an analog record (not a digital recording pressed to vinyl), a real analog recording- you feel it. Continue reading

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Grace Gravity: Grace Gravity

Grace Gravity - Grace Gravity

The next stage of the journey begins …

I hope you are all having success in getting your art, music, book, film, or whatever it is that you are creating … out into the world. Now is the time.
with love – Grace Gravity

Grace Gravity 9:30 PM


Location: The Rapp Saloon
1436 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90403
*The Rapp Saloon is not a bar. It’s a cool listening room, right next door to the hostel on 2nd Street in Santa Monica. Right by 3rd Street Promenade.

Check out the website for more information:

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday 

Getting ever closer to the release of our new CD, Grace Gravity. Just mixing Dreamer with new sax tracks from Chester C. Washington, former  Earth, Wind and Fire player. Wow!

The Sunday party is Sunday, August 12. If you feel like continuing to create some cool good vibes in Santa Monica and spreading them out …. like a wave of love —come on by. More info. at

Perception is the control on the wheel.

—Grace Gravity


Art © Teri Hitt


November 4-26th


A reflection of the nationwide and now global popular street movement against corporate greed for financial and economic justice. This exhibit will be featured at Bell Arts for the month of November. Closing Reception plans in the works.

The ambition of this exhibit is to fuel people with energy for the purpose of channeling creative efforts into creating some real, positive, meaningful and lasting change for working and disadvantaged people worldwide. It is also part of the growing artist contingent of the 99% movement. The exhibit will include actual handmade cardboard poster signs used at the Occupy Ventura rallies and photos of those same actions. Like the movement itself, the exhibit is grassroots in nature and with emphasis on free expression. The experience of true and direct democracy and the quest of finding and giving voice for the concerns of humanity is what motivates and is at the core of this exhibit.

More about Occupy Ventura:

November 4th Art Exhibit Opening Music by Lanny, Carlos Valentino Landeros, Grace Gravity and De La Crank


PHOTOS from Friday, November 4th, 2011

*PHOTOS: Kathleen Lowson

Bell Arts Factory
432 N. Ventura Ave., Ventura
(805) 643-1960

Grace Gravity
will play some music
as part of a fundraiser for Code Pink
Sunday, October 30
4-6 PM
Venice, CA

Come celebrate and rejuvenate with CODEPINK LA for the launch of our new global campaign to end rape and gender violence in conflicts.

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