220px-Mansion-frontWe are playing a set on Saturday at the Affair of the Arts in Culver City. The stage will be near the “Gone With The Wind” house. In the studio parking lot in front. This is the house where a lot of the classic film Gone With The Wind was shot.

Also this is the land of Oz . The Wizard of Oz RainbowSonywas shot in Culver City nearby in what is now known as Sony Studios. Many great creative projects have launched from this town. Magic is in the air. No doubt about it!



Photo by Teri Hitt
Photo by Teri Hitt

“Step up into the Sun shining buddhas of love … lovers of peace” . This is a lyric from a new song I’m working on. It’s about YOU and your creative force. Get your creations out there! The immense simultaneous effort of all of us getting our creations out, changes everything. Get it?  This is how we do it! No time like the present. 🙂

Mask_Flickr_AttributionIts obvious that more and more  we are waking up to the possibilities the more we realize and experience how reality is created. We’re just getting used to it.

Clear away the negativity, sort through all those papers, take a breath and be still.

You are who you are. BE.

Choose yourself and you and every body else will be a lot better off. You can only Be who you are.
Drop the mask and fly free. 🙂

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/psyliby/with/5582664902/