Turn Your Light On and Keep It On

It seems like yesterday it was May and now we are in June. It's still June now, we didn't pop into July already? o.k. good. Here in the sea of the in-between, we are navigating the energies of something different in its consciousness expanding effect.  Keep yourselves together and stay cool. Get into the vibe of feeling good even if you can't know all the ins and Read More

Turn Your Light On and Keep It On2023-07-10T08:26:01-07:00

Look Inside and Listen

There are plenty of reasons to be upset about things going on "in the world" today but better to use your energy to look inside. Its the interior that will change the exterior. We are each on an incredible journey of discovering .... who we are. Trust yourself. Take the time to listen to yourself. I mean really listen. Your energetic field frequency changes what reality you Read More

Look Inside and Listen2017-09-15T00:07:37-07:00

A Concert in Oz

We are playing a set on Saturday at the Affair of the Arts in Culver City. The stage will be near the "Gone With The Wind" house. In the studio parking lot in front. This is the house where a lot of the classic film Gone With The Wind was shot. Also this is the land of Oz . The Wizard of Oz was shot in Culver City Read More

A Concert in Oz2014-06-04T18:44:52-07:00

Step Up Into The Sun

Photo by Teri Hitt "Step up into the Sun shining buddhas of love ... lovers of peace" . This is a lyric from a new song I'm working on. It's about YOU and your creative force. Get your creations out there! The immense simultaneous effort of all of us getting our creations out, changes everything. Get it?  This is how we do it! No time Read More

Step Up Into The Sun2013-08-31T19:16:52-07:00

Nudged along the road …

We are all continually informed and sometimes nudged along an optimal path by the Universe. It isn't always obvious ... but beautiful when realized. A moment outside and inside ... the dream. Awake.

Nudged along the road …2016-11-16T06:39:49-08:00
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