Dream Analog is album of the week on Vinyl Revival Radio in the UK!

Excited to let you all know Dream Analog is album of the week on Vinyl Revival Radio in the UK! The show is syndicated on 30 FM Stations and where Podcasts are heard. So happy the songs are being heard. To listen to the podcast you can go here: www.vinylrevivalradio.com/podcast Episode #272 Timing Notes: Mention of Band at 17:30 Album of the Week first 2 tracks = Read More

Dream Analog is album of the week on Vinyl Revival Radio in the UK!2023-07-03T18:29:35-07:00

Stages of Making a Record

It's quite a process to make an analog record. This video shows the stages of processing from Laquer to Record.

Stages of Making a Record2023-07-03T18:42:11-07:00

Houston we’ve made contact

The first copy of Dream Analog sold at Canterbury Records last week. Check out this very cool record store if/when you are in the Pasadena, CA area. They probably have what you are looking for. https://canterburyrecords.com/ 805 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, California 91101 USA

Houston we’ve made contact2022-03-20T05:41:35-07:00

Remember Who You Are

Whatever goes on, remember you are in a process of becoming. Becoming You is a life-long thing. Stop and smell the flowers and embrace the good around you. The time to POWER ON is NOW. Here's a song for along the way... Who U R  Dream Analog by Grace Gravity

Remember Who You Are2023-07-09T20:16:09-07:00

It’s Coming On

Do you feel the changes inside yourself? Have you recently discovered more about who you are? Has the world changed around you? Parallel realities combining... Dream Analog by Grace Gravity

It’s Coming On2023-07-09T20:20:30-07:00

A story of awakening to a different perspective

The songs on Dream Analog came through over a couple years through the maze and haze of living life. They popped through to the surface and waved. There is resonance in nature and resonance in music that is recorded to tape. There is a feeling when you are connected to Nature. In a similar way, when you listen to an analog recording, which means you are listening Read More

A story of awakening to a different perspective2023-07-09T20:24:12-07:00
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