A story of awakening to a different perspective

The songs on Dream Analog came through over a couple years through the maze and haze of living life. They popped through to the surface and waved. There is resonance in nature and resonance in music that is recorded to tape. There is a feeling when you are connected to Nature. In a similar way, when you listen to an analog recording, which means you are listening Read More

A story of awakening to a different perspective2023-07-09T20:24:12-07:00

New Single Just Released: In The Center

By staying in the center you can weather this crazy situation in the best possible way. Remember you are a source of strength for yourself and others. Keep your frequency up and out of the lower level chaos as best you can. 

New Single Just Released: In The Center2023-07-09T20:36:21-07:00

Keep It Together

 You do a drug called television just thought I'd let you know your best friends not your tv your ipad or your phone it may try to break you down with it's frequency If you think it guides you you really are asleep It's the wrong road wrong time old paradigm really not a shame its slipping down the drain we're sorting it out Sun comes Read More

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Walk Through The Doorway

December 21, 2018 The next dimension is very evident for those who can see it. Great News!  The incorporation of this new level into "daily living" is becoming complete. You don't have to live on the outside of yourself anymore. You were fooled into thinking that was the way. It's always been an "inside job". It's always been an inner journey. Your life is going to expand Read More

Walk Through The Doorway2023-07-10T08:25:20-07:00

Dimensions blending… synchronicity on high

Its the time when it all starts to make sense, this dimensional blending alchemy we are in is showing itself more and more. Enjoy! This is the time you come into full being and finally see through the wall of fog once and for all. :) Come into a greater understanding of your creativity.

Dimensions blending… synchronicity on high2016-11-15T00:36:27-08:00

Video: Affair of The Arts September 2015

Heavily influenced by the sounds of the 70’s, Grace Gravity creates music that expresses what we’re going through, living through, and being through. The message is strong and hopeful, and has forward motion. Step into the parallel reality of Grace Gravity! Read More

Video: Affair of The Arts September 20152016-11-15T00:39:01-08:00
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