Documentary in the works!

 Teri Hitt at Laughing Tiger Studio in Northern California. Recording a part for Dream Analog. We shot a bunch of video and photos during the process of making this all analog record. It was 4 years in the making all and all.  I've been editing a short documentary about the process of making Dream Analog. Recording Analog is quite different from the process of Read More

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The Sunday Party, November 11 Grace Gravity 9:15 PM Free Location: The Rapp Saloon 1436 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90403 *The Rapp Saloon is not a bar. It's a cool listening room, right next door to the hostel on 2nd Street in Santa Monica. Right by 3rd Street Promenade. Check out the website for more information: Every 2nd and 4th Sunday 

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