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Tom Haugen Executed with sincerity, emotion and plenty of universal beauty. A record largely influenced by some of the most notable songwriters of the '70s, Grace Gravity's Dream Analog was captured live in a small home studio and recorded, mixed, and mastered analog. Later on, overdubs of horns, keys, percussion, and backing vocals were added with much meticulousness, giving the album a very warm, crisp feeling.   Read More

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Dream Analog — April 2020

As luck would have it we found a time machine and over the next year created an Analog Recording Studio in our home. When I finally heard my voice played back on tape for the first time, I got tears in my eyes. I had never heard my voice recorded in a way that could reflect it back so thoroughly. I didn't know until then what was missing in the sound. Digital was the only way I'd recorded music until then. To me, it is shockingly better. I knew I was on the right track. Over the next two years we carefully recorded these songs to tape.

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Video: Affair of The Arts September 2015

Heavily influenced by the sounds of the 70’s, Grace Gravity creates music that expresses what we’re going through, living through, and being through. The message is strong and hopeful, and has forward motion. Step into the parallel reality of Grace Gravity! Read More

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It’s Just Amazing How The Universe Works!

Last night we played a set at The Republic of Pie. We heard this great singer and amazing guitarist play before us. We invited the guitarist, Edward Tree, to sit in and he did. He was so great!  You can check out some video here: Eventhough the PA was having some issues (tweeters weren't working), it was still a lot of fun and came across alright. Go Read More

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Grace Gravity at Red Rock on Sunset Friday, Feb. 10

7 is a magic number and that's what the Red Rock's address adds up to. Sunset Strip energy line, meridian 8782, that would be 7. If you want to come and join in the good vibes and get this party started, come on by. You can be assured we'll will do our best with some good vibe sonic acupressure. That's why we came. Let the Sun shine Read More

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Grace Gravity at Occupy Ventura/Bell Arts Factory

OCCUPY VENTURA Join Us For The Closing Reception of the Occupy Ventura Exhibit BELL ARTS FACTORY NOVEMBER 26, 2011 3 pm - 9 pm ART +  PHOTOS + INFORMATION + NETWORKING + MUSIC http://www.occupyventura805.wordpress.com The exhibit has been on display for the month of November. Come see the art and photos, find out more about the Occupy Movement and how you can be involved, hear music, and Read More

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