Look Inside and Listen

There are plenty of reasons to be upset about things going on "in the world" today but better to use your energy to look inside. Its the interior that will change the exterior. We are each on an incredible journey of discovering .... who we are. Trust yourself. Take the time to listen to yourself. I mean really listen. Your energetic field frequency changes what reality you Read More

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June 10, 2013

Its obvious that more and more  we are waking up to the possibilities the more we realize and experience how reality is created. We're just getting used to it. Clear away the negativity, sort through all those papers, take a breath and be still. You are who you are. BE. Choose yourself and you and every body else will be a lot better off. You can only Read More

June 10, 20132016-11-16T06:48:06-08:00

Its all evolving … by the minute

Just when you think that things are settling down to 1.4 x the speed of light you find out that oh no, its 2x the speed of light and increasing. Hold onto your hats everybody. Go with the flow. These are the times we came to be here for. And I do mean BE, nothing less. Follow your knowing through these coming days. with love, Grace Gravity

Its all evolving … by the minute2012-12-11T19:58:32-08:00
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