Documentary in the works!

 Teri Hitt at Laughing Tiger Studio in Northern California. Recording a part for Dream Analog. We shot a bunch of video and photos during the process of making this all analog record. It was 4 years in the making all and all.  I've been editing a short documentary about the process of making Dream Analog. Recording Analog is quite different from the process of Read More

Documentary in the works!2023-07-09T20:19:47-07:00

“Real Clouds” recorded live on National Record Store Day

 Got to record a new song, Real Clouds,  live to vinyl on National Record Store Day April 21, 2018 at History of Recorded Sounds in Culver City. What a great time! Real Clouds ©Teri Hitt. All Rights Reserved.

“Real Clouds” recorded live on National Record Store Day2018-05-01T15:33:29-07:00

Tape heads relapped…

Next step alignment and frequency calibration There's a lot to this recording analog process. Slow, but like a turtle we are getting to the finish line. Can't wait to share the new songs. Wishing you all the best in your own creative projects. Keep creating!

Tape heads relapped…2016-11-13T08:08:36-08:00
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