Recorded at 432 Hz

Grace Gravity’s music is recorded at 432 Hz instead of the “standard” A-440 Hz.

A difference you can feel. A difference that is real.

Thanks to Holonmusic432Hz for this great VIDEO showing a Cymatic comparison of
432 hz vs 440 hz shapes made by the frequencies.

Cymatic432vs440At 432 hz the shapes are more cohesive with less distortion.

The Sun, Saturn, Earth and Moon naturally resonate at 432 hz. It’s been said that the Universe was created with sound or vibration. Sound potentially creates reality. Something to think about and research. To me music feels much better at 432 Hz. I’m just sayin…check it out for yourself.

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Kotamo 432 hz message

Another example of the feeling of 432hz.

In this case, the tuning of the Kotamo is respecting the laws that, according with Pythagoras, direct the universe from his formation, being in tuning in with the so called “Symphony of the Spheres”, as well as with the “physical – harmonic phenomenon” and the “proportion Aurea”.
— Music by Rafa Navarro

Reaching through dimensions for a sound that had almost disappeared…

If you talk to anyone that really knows analog, you will be told there is a huge difference between digital and analog.

If you never heard an analog recording, then this just sounds ridiculous (What newer isn’t always better? What are you talking about?!).

When you really hear an analog record (not a digital recording pressed to vinyl), a real analog recording- you feel it.

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