There’s a lyric in an REM song, my possessions are causing me suspicion but there’s no proof.” That always sticks with me. In light of our complete societal attachment to devices now, it rings even more true. Like a warning bell as you are nearing the rocks of the shore. Look UP, Look OUT, stop LOOKING at your device!

We all need to exercise caution in these days when our gadgets offer us a way to not make eye contact, not connect with those around us. Careful, careful. You may be throwing away the one thing that makes life worth living…. real connections with people, animals, the Earth.

Today is Earth Day, celebrate yourself and celebrate the Earth. She sure deserves it putting up with all this man-made chaos. You deserve it for being you. Don’t let your phone or device suck the life out of you. Look up, Look around. You are here now.

Staying alive with right frequency … cuts down the robot trending density
— Lyrics From Do It Again off Grace Gravity’s new CD.