If you talk to anyone that really knows analog, you will be told there is a huge difference between digital and analog.

If you never heard an analog recording, then this just sounds ridiculous (What newer isn’t always better? What are you talking about?!).

When you really hear an analog record (not a digital recording pressed to vinyl), a real analog recording- you feel it.

And when you feel it, it is sort of like a remembering. Like a breath of fresh air. It sets you onto wondering why analog was abandoned for digital (not by all, but by most). Maybe convenience. You can always duplicate that same chorus 20 times in a song if needed and auto tune the he*l out of it. If that’s the road you’re on.

Or maybe there are other reasons. Like “Oh we don’t need the space between, that’s just empty space, lets do this digital thing where we cut that out. No one will notice ….”

Its the space in-between that’s important. Vital. Sonically it feeds the listener in a way no digital recording can. Check it out for yourself. You will never be the same.

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*Hear a demo of Sunny Side of The Road
Analog recording turned into an mp3 (well at least it started out analog – even just that seems to be a +).
From the forth-coming album, Dream ANALOG by Grace Gravity.
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PHOTO: Susan Weingartner  http://www.susanweingartner.com