Press Kit


January 2020
NEW Release 4/2020!
Record production for our new all analog vinyl record, Dream ANALOG, has begun.

Ya that’s right we’ve got reel-to-reels going over here! It’s super fantastic the difference in sound compared to digital. The feel that is transmitted is beyond compare. Digital will never be able to emulate real human feeling. It made me cry the first time I heard it. It’s what I’ve been missing in digital recordings all this time. Download PR flyer

The songs on this upcoming release are about waking up to yourself and the power that each of us really has to see through the walls and fully “be.”
This evolution is real. It is happening.

We are each individual standing waves and when fully awake and aligned, well that’s when the magic happens people. Believe in yourself. We have been here before. Each of us a piece of the puzzle to some bigger understanding…I hope these songs help you in some way on your way.

Here are some videos we’ve done as we continue to create this album of music. These are recorded live, mic issues and all. They are fun!  Enjoy —