Grace Gravity

Grace Gravity

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  1. Dreamer -:-- / 2:26
  2. Time of The Turning -:-- / 5:01
  3. Zero Hour -:-- / 3:18
  4. Wall of Fog -:-- / 2:03
  5. Turn Your Light On -:-- / 3:23
  6. Here and Now -:-- / 2:10
  7. Part of It All -:-- / 2:40
  8. Be Here Now -:-- / 3:05
  9. Immortals -:-- / 1:28
  10. War Against War -:-- / 2:56
  11. Do It Again -:-- / 2:36
  12. Stone -:-- / 3:15
  13. Slipping Trains of Thought -:-- / 2:43
  14. Change Your Mind -:-- / 3:28

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We are finding new ways to live, feel, and BE. We are evolving. Songs reporting in on the situation as we navigate through these new energies and learn how to be fully ourselves and come together.

Recorded at 432hz.GG_CD_InsideOPT


Some  lyrics of a few of the songs —
Do It Again
Zero Hour
War Against War

Vocals & Guitar: Teri Hitt 
Drums, Keys, Secret Sounds: Brian D. Hardin 
Guitars: Chris Jacks, Vreny Van Eslande, Jeff Reiner, Stacey Cargal, Jim Whelan
Bass: June Kato
Cello: Michael Fitzpatrick
Hammond B3: Christopher Lopez
Keys: Jim Whelan
Sax: Chester C. Washington
Background vocals: Corrine Champigny  

Produced and Engineered by Brian D. Hardin
Cover Photo:  Brian Hardin
Inside Photo: Ellie Zenhari
Art & CD Design: Teri Hitt.
Additional Photos: NASA (public domain)
All of the songs on this CD were recorded at 432 hz except Part of It All.

All songs © 2013 Teri Hitt except Part of it All © Jeff Reiner and Teri Hitt.
All Rights Reserved.

Reviews and Quotes

“Flowing through the gravity of present-day situation(s), we find ourselves in the grace of knowledge and trust, eventually arriving in the presence of being.” —  Dan Del Campos, Mi2N

“The music insinuates to be mindful of thoughts and actions in these tenuous ecologically changing times.”
—  Ronan Bennett, New Spirit Journal

“Expressing her soul through music is only part of Teri Hitt’s passion behind the creative process. With her newest album “Grace Gravity” this Culver City resident hopes that her music can serve as a path “through the gravity to the grace of knowing, of trusting, of feeling the truth, and of fully being. When people come eye-to-eye and begin to talk about things, there can be change.” —  Cristian Vasquez, Culver City News

“Sometimes I’ll be in a car with my friends and they’ll have mainstream radio on. I will ask for them to turn it down. They say, ‘why its just music in the background.’ I’ll say listen, let me explain, its much deeper. When you have music in the background you are setting a vibrational pattern for yourself. Especially when you are in the car with the windows up. Thats all your feeding yourself is these low vibratory frequencies.  It’s getting the collective consciousness to understand the difference between putting on the radio and hearing just any old song that is meant to do something to your vibration. They know it. There’s knowingness behind it.There are willingly altering the vibration of the music to mess with your vibration. If you understand that … As opposed to, what does it take, 3 extra seconds to put on a Grace Gravity CD? You will be doing your vibration wonders.” – Dave Cohen/Good Vibrations Radio | —  Good Vibrations Radio


“War Against War” is a call to stop all fighting and turn instead to our compassionate natures. “We have to go beyond the constraints on our consciousness that have been put in place by the media and government,” says vocalist Teri Hitt.” —  Michel Cicero, VC Reporter