Dream Analog

Grace Gravity

Record Details

April 18, 2020

180g Vinyl RecordS, CDs and mp3s

A True Analog Recording.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered Analog

Recorded, Produced and Engineered by Brian D. Hardin.
Mastered for Vinyl by Bernie Grundman
CD Mastered by Brian D. Hardin


About This Record

As luck would have it we found a time machine and were able to create an Analog Recording Studio in our home. When I heard my voice played back on tape for the first time, I got tears in my eyes. I had never heard my voice recorded in a way that could reflect it back so thoroughly. Until then I didn’t know what was missing in the sound. When I heard it I felt the difference and I knew I was on the right track. There was more feeling in the recording.

Over the next 3+ years we recorded the songs that came through as if by transmission from another dimension. These songs are precious insights from the journey I’ve been on, a journey of awakening. Moving from one level of living to another plane. Learning how to consciously live and interact in multiple dimensions at the same time.

We carefully recorded these beautiful songs to analog tape. The final lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums were recorded live on a 1″ 16 track tape machine using tube and solid state gear. As we recorded live we were able to deeply connect as we played and magic happened. We later added overdubs of keyboard, horns, percussion, and background vocals.


In September 2019 we headed to Northern California to mix at Laughing Tiger Studio. The following month, mastering legend Bernie Grundman completed the process by adding his mystical final touches.

Analog recording allows the messages in the songs to be more completely and clearly delivered. It has natural harmonic overtones and a warm tonal resonance. This resonance is missing in digital recordings as the recording process is to take samples and string them together. The space in-between the samples is missing. This creates square waves instead of sine waves leaving out dimensions you might want to feel and know about.

This album is recorded at A=432 Hz tuning instead of the “standard” A=440 Hz. 432 Hz tuning is known as Pythagorean tuning. It is based on perfect 5th ratios. This tuning is in harmony with Nature. To me it feels better.

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Liner Notes
Why Analog Recording Matters


Teri Hitt, June Kato, Brian David Hardin, Jim Whelan, Rebecca Stout (not pictured).

Teri Hitt – vocals, acoustic guitar
June Kato – bass
James Whelan – hammond, piano, rhodes, electric guitar
Brian David Hardin – drums, percussion, cloud sounds
Rebecca Stout – background vocals
James – background vocals
Mike Cordone and Jesse McGinty – horns, sax, flute
Matt Crocco – additional piano
Paula Montondo – drums


Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Brian David Hardin. Recorded at Thunderbird Studios in Culver City. Mixed on a SSL console down to 1/2” tape at Laughing Tiger Studio in San Rafael, CA. Mastered by Bernie Grundman and Joe Bozzi in Hollywood, CA.
All songs ©2020 Teri Hitt except **©Teri Hitt, June Kato, and Paula Montondo. All Rights Reserved. Chaldea Music [ASCAP]
Made with LOVE in the USA.
Photos: Brian David Hardin | Art/Design: Teri Hitt
Cover photo is the General Sherman Tree in Sequoias, CA.
(Psst…She changed her name to Mother Tree)


A portion of all sales is donated to people and organizations that plant trees.