Dream Analog

Grace Gravity

Record Details

April 18, 2020

Dream Analog is a True Analog Recording

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered Analog

When I embarked on the journey to record, mix and master analog I had no idea how long it would take and the possible pitfalls along the way. It took 4 years all in all to weave through time and space and arrive. During 2017-2019 I recorded the songs for Dream Analog to tape. These are songs that came through about this long strange trip I/we are on. We’re all on it one way or another.

he musicians that grace these recordings are June Kato, James Whelan, Brian David Hardin, Rebecca Stout, James, Paula Montondo, Matt Croco, Mike Cordone and Jesse McGinty.

The first time I heard one of the songs played back off the tape, I got tears in my eyes. Until then I didn’t know what was missing in the sound in my previous digital recordings. I felt the difference in the feeling coming off the analog tape recording and knew I was on the right track.

Over the next 3+ years we recorded the songs that came through as if by transmission from another dimension. These songs are insights from the journey I’ve been on, sort of a kin to the trip you’ve been on I’m pretty sure. It’s an inside job after all. We’re all waking up in some way.  Learning how to consciously live and interact in multiple dimensions at the same time isn’t that easy for anyone, but we figure it out, eventually…

The final lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums were recorded live to 1″ tape on a Tascam MS-16 tape machine using tube and solid state gear. Because we recorded live, we were able to deeply connect and real magic happened. We later added overdubs of keyboard, horns, percussion, and background vocals.

In September 2019 we went to Northern California to mix at Laughing Tiger Studio. Along the way visiting the biggest Sequoia Tree. It was named General Sherman but it wanted me to call it Mother Earth Tree so I did.  The following month, mastering legend Bernie Grundman completed the process by adding his mystical final touches.

We had perfect timing and released the record right as the pandemic started.
Life is funny that way.
Songs written by Teri Hitt.

Download One Sheet .pdf 

Liner Notes
Why Analog Recording Matters

Teri Hitt – vocals, acoustic guitar
June Kato – bass
James Whelan – hammond, piano, rhodes, electric guitar
Brian David Hardin – drums, percussion, cloud sounds
Rebecca Stout – background vocals
James – background vocals
Mike Cordone and Jesse McGinty – horns, sax, flute
Paula Montondo – additional drums
Matt Crocco – additional piano

All songs ©2020 Teri Hitt
except Whatcha Gonna Do ©Teri Hitt, June Kato, and Paula Montondo.
All Rights Reserved. Chaldea Music [ASCAP]
Made with LOVE in the USA.
Art/Design: Teri Hitt
Photos: Brian David Hardin
Cover photo is the Mother Earth Tree (General Sherman Tree) in Sequoias, CA.

AAA was a signification put on records when a record was Recorded + Mixed + Mastered ANALOG.
Each “A” standing for each Analog stage of the process. AAA

—Long Live Analog—


A portion of all sales is donated to people and organizations that plant trees and care for Mother Earth.