Grace Gravity
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New Analog Vinyl Release 2017!

We have pieced together a time machine and are preparing to record ANALOG.
What?  That is an obsolete technology!
Oh you are wrong my friend for there are frequencies not captured by your enticing, exceedingly convenient digital machines. There are sonics of awakening captured by tape that cannot be replicated by 0s and 1s. I suggest that there is more complete musical information recorded to Analog tape than is possible by digital. A more complete sonic experience. A better transmission.

Check out the rough demo of Sunny Side of The Road (above)

Even though this demo was transferred to digital from an analog recording, it still sounds better than if it were recorded just digitally instead of to tape first.
From the forth-coming album, Dream ANALOG —© Teri Hitt. All Rights Reserved.

Recorded at 432Hz

I find that recording at 432Hz instead of 440Hz just feels better. See what you think!

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Video Slide Photo: Susan Weingartner