Sunny Side of The Road

Walking out this morning
looking for my road
wondering what the world has got to show me
I don’t know where I’m going
I don’t know where I’ve been

Got to find out
what it is I’m feeling
what it is I’m needing that drives me to go
Looking at the flowers
telling me their stories
I’m remembering things I forgot long ago

The Sunny Side of the road
sunny side of the road

Looking for the road I belong on
finding the place in my soul
trusting the voice I hear that guides me
down the sunny side of the road

Another day, another chance to be brave
give a little love and see how it grows
I know I can’t know all the answers
but i can learn to trust myself and find my place to grow

sunny side of the road
sunny side
sunny side
sunny side

© Teri Hitt — All Rights Reserved. [ASCAP]