November 4-26th


A reflection of the nationwide and now global popular street movement against corporate greed for financial and economic justice. This exhibit will be featured at Bell Arts for the month of November. Closing Reception plans in the works.

The ambition of this exhibit is to fuel people with energy for the purpose of channeling creative efforts into creating some real, positive, meaningful and lasting change for working and disadvantaged people worldwide. It is also part of the growing artist contingent of the 99% movement. The exhibit will include actual handmade cardboard poster signs used at the Occupy Ventura rallies and photos of those same actions. Like the movement itself, the exhibit is grassroots in nature and with emphasis on free expression. The experience of true and direct democracy and the quest of finding and giving voice for the concerns of humanity is what motivates and is at the core of this exhibit.

More about Occupy Ventura: http://occupyventura805.wordpress.com/

November 4th Art Exhibit Opening Music by Lanny, Carlos Valentino Landeros, Grace Gravity and De La Crank


PHOTOS from Friday, November 4th, 2011

*PHOTOS: Kathleen Lowson http://lowsoninternational.com/Fine_Art.html

Bell Arts Factory
432 N. Ventura Ave., Ventura
(805) 643-1960