Grace Gravity
will play some music
as part of a fundraiser for Code Pink
Sunday, October 30
4-6 PM
Venice, CA

Come celebrate and rejuvenate with CODEPINK LA for the launch of our new global campaign to end rape and gender violence in conflicts.

Enjoy the music of Grace Gravity and Jacqueline Fuentes, delicious bites, drinks, a not-so-silent auction, story sharing and more! There’s no better place to be than with a committed, passionate and love-filled community of activists making a difference in the world ~ that means you too!
Join Jodi Evans, Medea Benjamin and our cohost committee: Lila Garrett, Sara Nicols, Mimi Kennedy, Roseanne Barr, Susan Adelman, Holly Brown, Celia Alario, Patricia Foulkrod, Rebecca Marder, Kimberly King Burns, Paula Silver,
Donna Dietch, Anne DeSalvo, Dianna Cohen, Heather Thomas, K.C. Victor, Jeff Klein, Vicky Shorr,
Betty & Stanley Sheinbaum, Barbara Gluck, Maria Cozzi, Gail Zappa, Suzi Deitz, Betsy Butler, Cookie Parker, Mia Kirshner, Carol Moss, Chris Moore and Jenno Topping.

Also performing: Jacqueline Fuentes

Code Pink is one of the most rockin, awesome organizations there is. Find out more