Stages of Making a Record

It's quite a process to make an analog record. This video shows the stages of processing from Laquer to Record.

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Video: In the Center

From Dream Analog An AAA recording: recorded + mixed + mastered analog. LYRICS When you find out you're mistaken when the road your on takes a turn Just remember every road eventually must bend In the subtle underpinnings of the life you thought you were leading there's a core of believing you must maintain through the change There's a crystal shining vision in the center if you're Read More

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Dream Analog — April 2020

As luck would have it we found a time machine and over the next year created an Analog Recording Studio in our home. When I finally heard my voice played back on tape for the first time, I got tears in my eyes. I had never heard my voice recorded in a way that could reflect it back so thoroughly. I didn't know until then what was missing in the sound. Digital was the only way I'd recorded music until then. To me, it is shockingly better. I knew I was on the right track. Over the next two years we carefully recorded these songs to tape.

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“Real Clouds” recorded live on National Record Store Day

 Got to record a new song, Real Clouds,  live to vinyl on National Record Store Day April 21, 2018 at History of Recorded Sounds in Culver City. What a great time! Real Clouds ©Teri Hitt. All Rights Reserved.

“Real Clouds” recorded live on National Record Store Day2018-05-01T15:33:29-07:00

Turn Your Light On for Cry of The Innocent

Grace Gravity’s song, Turn Your Light On, a part of a recent Cry of The Innocent video. This precedent-setting film will reveal the truth behind the veil of an egocentric society that perpetuates the killing of animals, with its center on the fur trade as a paradigm of a larger nemesis permeating our world. Its pure intent is to probe into the deeper level of the psyche Read More

Turn Your Light On for Cry of The Innocent2016-11-16T06:13:16-08:00

Urban Homestead Hootenanny

We played a few songs at the Urban Homestead Hootenanny in Pasadena last week. This is a fantastic place. Urban Homestead Hootenanny/April 2013 The Hootenanny goes on every Sunday Night at the Urban Homestead. Find out more about the Urban Homestead in Pasadena

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The Faceless Face of Big Business video

Now is the time when all good people come to the aid of their country, their planet. OCCUPY YOURSELF. BUY MP3 ON CD BABY © Teri Hitt  All Rights Reserved.

The Faceless Face of Big Business video2020-03-12T09:03:51-07:00
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