Recording @The Home Studio

When I heard my voice played back off the Tascam tape machine the first time, I got tears in my eyes. From 2018-2019 we recorded the songs on Dream Analog. Something had always been missing in my previous (all digital) recordings. It always felt like what I was putting out was never quite relayed back to me in the digital recordings. All the feeling was not there. Read More

Recording @The Home Studio2023-07-03T18:38:18-07:00

Video: In the Center

From Dream Analog An AAA recording: recorded + mixed + mastered analog. LYRICS When you find out you're mistaken when the road your on takes a turn Just remember every road eventually must bend In the subtle underpinnings of the life you thought you were leading there's a core of believing you must maintain through the change There's a crystal shining vision in the center if you're Read More

Video: In the Center2023-07-09T20:17:11-07:00

Go Ahead And Shine

Released from the keeper on his negative throne. It was never what your thoughts were thinking cause they weren't your own.

Go Ahead And Shine2023-07-10T08:24:36-07:00

“Real Clouds” recorded live on National Record Store Day

 Got to record a new song, Real Clouds,  live to vinyl on National Record Store Day April 21, 2018 at History of Recorded Sounds in Culver City. What a great time! Real Clouds ©Teri Hitt. All Rights Reserved.

“Real Clouds” recorded live on National Record Store Day2018-05-01T15:33:29-07:00

Affair of the Arts Festival 2017

Video from the Affair of The Arts Festival. Thanks Lisa and Heidi and everybody that made it happen. ... to the mystical rain and everlasting sunshine!

Affair of the Arts Festival 20172017-05-26T01:04:31-07:00

It’s Coming On

I was inspired to put a take of the first song, It's Coming On, to some visuals and share it. I hope it gives you a feeling of calmness and strength. This Earth is one beautiful place!  Let's keep it that way. :)

It’s Coming On2017-04-11T13:19:30-07:00
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