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Grace Gravity, a band helmed by Teri Hitt on vocals and acoustic guitar and featuring June Kato on bass, James Whelan on keys, Brian David Hardin on drums, and various backing singers — makes an engaging impression with their new album, Dream Analog, a seductive set of songs with a decided allure and intrigue. Hitt herself is a haunting vocalist, her high pitch delivery often Read More

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Dream Analog Review by Daily Vault

Tom Haugen Executed with sincerity, emotion and plenty of universal beauty. A record largely influenced by some of the most notable songwriters of the '70s, Grace Gravity's Dream Analog was captured live in a small home studio and recorded, mixed, and mastered analog. Later on, overdubs of horns, keys, percussion, and backing vocals were added with much meticulousness, giving the album a very warm, crisp feeling.   Read More

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Dream Analog Review by Ermis Madikopoulos

Ermis Madikopoulos is a contributing writer for the Independent/UK In an era where most records are produced digitally on software such as Logic or Pro Tools, it’s refreshing to hear a record such as ‘Dream Analog’ by Grace Gravity. I produce ambient music on Logic, and I use compression on my tracks. But sometimes, I find that if I use too much, it takes away the original Read More

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Music Connection: New Music Critique

Teri Hitt’s roots are showing––in a nice way. Steeped in classic ‘70s singer/songwriter classics and confidently carrying the torch for higher-consciousness music, Hitt and her gifted backup players are an analog band in a digital world.

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The Culver City News

Expressing her soul through music is only part of Teri Hitt’s passion behind the creative process. With her newest album “Grace Gravity” the Culver City resident hopes that her music can serve as a path “through the gravity to the grace of knowing, of trusting, of feeling the truth, of fully being.”

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