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By Cristian Vasquez

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Expressing her soul through music is only part of Teri Hitt’s passion behind the creative process.

With her newest album “Grace Gravity” the Culver City resident hopes that her music can serve as a path “through the gravity to the grace of knowing, of trusting, of feeling the truth, of fully being.”

“When people come eye-to-eye and begin to talk about things, there can be change,” Hitt said. “That is part of what I try to manifest in my life and music.”

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Grace Gravity on Good Vibrations Radio

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 1.12.01 PMGood Vibrations Radio

!Listen Here Good Vibrations Radio June 2013

Dave brings on up coming rock artist “Grace Gravity” if you like good music and positive energy, this is the band for you! Grace and producer/drummer Bryan Harden teach us a few life lessons through amazing conversation and soul moving music. You can’t miss this!

“Sometimes I’ll be in a car with my friends and they’ll have mainstream radio on. I will ask for them to turn it down. They say, ‘why its just music in the background.’ I’ll say listen, let me explain, its much deeper. When you have music in the background you are setting a vibrational pattern for yourself. Especially when you are in the car with the windows up. Thats all your feeding yourself is these low vibratory frequencies. 

It’s getting the collective consciousness to understand the difference between putting on the radio and hearing just any old song that is meant to do something to your vibration. They know it. There’s knowingness behind it.There are willingly altering the vibration of the music to mess with your vibration. If you understand that …

As opposed to, what does it take, 3 extra seconds to put on a Grace Gravity CD? You will be doing your vibration wonders.”
– Dave Cohen/Good Vibration Radio



War Against War selected

VC Reporter’s Art and Music Protest Project

The only antiwar song to make our list was
submitted by the band Grace
“War Against War” is a call to stop
all fighting and turn instead
our compassionate natures.

“We have to go beyond the constraints on our consciousness that have been put in place by the media and government.” — Teri Hitt

Complaining may not be socially acceptable in these days of personal boundaries and manufactured enlightenment (unless it concerns cigarette smokers and taxes) but can anyone deny how much there is to bitch about? Our constitutional rights as Americans are eroding as quickly as our beaches, the middle class has all but vanished, habitable property sits vacant while the poor sleep in cars and under bridges (in the cities that will allow it) and yes, the rich are actually getting richer. We continue to sacrifice our kids for a war against a theoretical enemy.

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Shared Sacrifice Radio

Hear October 2008 interview:

Shared Sacrifice Internet Radio is co-hosted by Gary Barkley and Matt Stannard. Gary Barkley is an Iraq Vet who swore to uphold the US Constitution—and that did not end with his return from Iraq. Matt Stannard is an academic-activist, who believes that the status quo will not solve our problems. While the show is Progressive in nature, we take the approach that as Americans “The things that unite us are greater than the things that divide us.” America is facing a series of serious crises which threaten our survival as a nation. It will take all Americans to share the sacrifice to put us back on the road to shared prosperity. All American voices have a right to be heard, and every American must be ready to stand up and speak out in defense of this nation. America was founded by banding together as a nation, and now it will take nothing less than Shared Sacrifice to ensure our nation’s survival. Contact us at