It may be more important these days to connect IN than anything else. With the craziness going on in the world at every turn … I find that tuning into that only leaves me cold and empty. So I’ve reduced the time spent on the negative/craziness in the world and turned up the dial on the time spent on creating. Cause even though the jerks that control the systems are ramping it up, there are new levels of being becoming more and more accessible and we are figuring out how to live in a new reality of love and peace and connectivity that is way beyond any of the crap they can throw at us.
Keep your light on — see you soon  — Grace Gravity.

Getting ever closer to the release of our new CD, Grace Gravity. Just mixing Dreamer with new sax tracks from Chester C. Washington, former  Earth, Wind and Fire player. Wow!

The Sunday party is Sunday, August 12. If you feel like continuing to create some cool good vibes in Santa Monica and spreading them out …. like a wave of love —come on by. More info. at

Perception is the control on the wheel.

—Grace Gravity


Art © Teri Hitt


Staring at the full moon tonight, I always wonder … what is really happening on the moon?

Then I thought why are all the photos we ever see of the moon black and white?

This video serves to answer some of these questions and bring up more. You will find some very interesting information here. Not only is the moon not black and white world, it has colors and structures.

There is plenty o’ information out there on the web, google and youtube away!
The moon is full of color!

As we near Independence Day, July 4th in the mystical year of 2012, I stop to really think about the meaning of freedom. Not that I don’t think about it every day but especially at this time of year. WE are celebrating our Independence but have you taken a look at our freedoms lately?

More to come ….