Photo by Teri Hitt
Photo by Teri Hitt

“Step up into the Sun shining buddhas of love … lovers of peace” . This is a lyric from a new song I’m working on. It’s about YOU and your creative force. Get your creations out there! The immense simultaneous effort of all of us getting our creations out, changes everything. Get it?  This is how we do it! No time like the present. 🙂

Mask_Flickr_AttributionIts obvious that more and more  we are waking up to the possibilities the more we realize and experience how reality is created. We’re just getting used to it.

Clear away the negativity, sort through all those papers, take a breath and be still.

You are who you are. BE.

Choose yourself and you and every body else will be a lot better off. You can only Be who you are.
Drop the mask and fly free. 🙂


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Grace Gravity: Grace Gravity

Grace Gravity - Grace Gravity

The next stage of the journey begins …

I hope you are all having success in getting your art, music, book, film, or whatever it is that you are creating … out into the world. Now is the time.
with love – Grace Gravity

GG_CDCoverMar20132013 is definitely a different energy than 2012. Seems like waves of energy are flowing around us all .. . now more than ever it is vitally important to get your creations, your music, your art, your design, your whatever, out into the world. CREATE!
Sometimes it feels like nothing is moving and things are piling up, but sooner or later the progress is seen.

Hey, why has the CD taken so long?

I can’t even relay how many different CD covers, how many different designs I’ve gone through on the new CD. Wewh! Its been outrageous! I’m sure most of you can relate as it feels like the “now” these days has become a matter of finding new ways of standing still in the hurricane. Here’s to all of you who are keeping cool as we uncover the amazing possibilities of who we are. Stay tuned for the new CD. I’ll have it available up on the site in a couple weeks. I hope you like it.

Keep on truckin ….


—Grace Gravity

Just when you think that things are settling down to 1.4 x the speed of light you find out that oh no, its 2x the speed of light and increasing.
Hold onto your hats everybody. Go with the flow. These are the times we came to be here for. And I do mean BE, nothing less. Follow your knowing through these coming days.
with love,
Grace Gravity

Last night we played a set at The Republic of Pie.

We heard this great singer and amazing guitarist play before us. We invited the guitarist, Edward Tree, to sit in and he did. He was so great!  You can check out some video here:

Eventhough the PA was having some issues (tweeters weren’t working), it was still a lot of fun and came across alright.

Go and check out The Republic of Pie if you are in the North Hollywood area. Highly recommend it! Delicious Pie and great organic coffee.

And remember that even when it looks like nothing is happening or moving forward it still is. Keep your intention in tact and don’t fall into any mud puddles. Remember its all in perfect timing. Love yourself, love it all!

With Love, Grace Gravity