Tuning In Analog

GG_Art1We’ve been recording with our new/old analog gear and it’s really really a great experience!
The sound, well, there IS nothing like it. Many people have gotten “used to” digital or perhaps they’ve been “borged” into it
(*see StarTrek-Next Generation).
Ah digital has dominated with its darn convenience!

There is something left out when you only have zeros and one’s in the mix.  Uh, what about the in-between?

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Analog Studio …. oh Analog?


In search of an analog studio to record the next set of songs.  Going to press a vinyl record and want to record it beyond just zeros and ones ….. want to keep the ambient resonance of the sounds and the real feeling. Not the feeling distilled down to 0’s and 1’s. Call me crazy but this is NOT music for robots! ha  ha ha….


Image:  Wikipedia (public domain)


New Road Coming Soon!


I’ve been creating a new CD called, New Road. A 5 song EP mostly acoustic guitar and vocals. Songs about using your imagination to really vision the path ahead. Songs of remembering the bigger soul connection in everything. Songs of activation.

I am also storyboarding a video for one of the songs, Better and Better. A song about taking the blinds off and really seeing the world and moving away from the darkness and saddness and all the crazy stupid things going on in the world. Using your real power of LOVE to change all of that, by staying with the feeling. Feeling nature leading, evolving to the next level.

… will keep you posted. Thanks for checking in …

Hoping you are keeping up with your own evolution and stayin cool.
– Grace  Gravity

In Nashville

20140712_195850I’ve been in Nashville playing a few shows and really enjoying the green of the beautiful trees, no sirens and only a couple of helicopters (unlike the steady stream of them in LA). We have been staying at a great place called The Ivy House. Where we’ve caught up on our rest and even did some yoga (well Brian did!). Ha!

It’s been a great break from running at the speed of light in Los Angeles. This town is filled with extremely talented people! They don’t call it a music town for nothing.

All the people here in Nashville seem to be imbued with a wonderful friendliness that just pours out of them. I hope you can make it to Nashville someday and experience it yourself ya’ all.