Its the time when it all starts to make sense, this dimensional blending alchemy we are in is showing itself more and more. Enjoy! This is the time you come into full being and finally see through the wall of fog once and for all. 🙂
Come into a greater understanding of your creativity.

GG_Art1We’ve been recording with our new/old analog gear and it’s really really a great experience!
The sound, well, there IS nothing like it. Many people have gotten “used to” digital or perhaps they’ve been “borged” into it
(*see StarTrek-Next Generation).
Ah digital has dominated with its darn convenience!

There is something left out when you only have zeros and one’s in the mix.  Uh, what about the in-between? Continue reading


In search of an analog studio to record the next set of songs.  Going to press a vinyl record and want to record it beyond just zeros and ones ….. want to keep the ambient resonance of the sounds and the real feeling. Not the feeling distilled down to 0’s and 1’s. Call me crazy but this is NOT music for robots! ha  ha ha….


Image:  Wikipedia (public domain)