It’s Coming On we’re waking up to ourselves

It’s coming on
waking up to myself
getting used to the feeling
of everyone else

Now we have wings to fly
Over the horizon

It’s a sudden feeling
change in perspective
a wall of reflective surfaces
going nowhere

I take myself back from that kind of lack
Now we can tell a different story

Never be lost
never caught, never lost
in someone else’s story

Over the horizon
Over the horizon
Over the horizon

It’s coming on
waking up to myself

© Teri Hitt All Rights Reserved. [ASCAP]

Dream Analog is album of the week on Vinyl Revival Radio in the UK!

Excited to let y’all know Grace Gravity’s album  Dream Analog, is album of the week on Vinyl Revival Radio in the UK!

The show is syndicated on 30 FM Stations and where Podcasts are heard. So happy the songs are being heard.
To listen to the podcast you can go here:
Episode #272
Timing Notes:
Mention of Band at 17:30
Album of the Week first 2 tracks = 27:00
2nd two tracks = 1:22:00

Keep on keep’n on… be yourself, free yourself.

Thanks for Listening!

Recording @The Home Studio

I had never recorded a whole album to tape before.

(2018-2019) When I heard my voice played back off the Tascam tape machine the first time, I got tears in my eyes. Something had always been missing in my previous (all digital) recordings. It always felt like what I was putting out was never quite relayed back to me with digital. All the feeling was not there. When I heard the song played back on tape, it was like finding something I had lost as a child and realizing that I had totally forgotten that I had even lost it.

— From the forth coming Documentary, The Making of Dream Analog.
Release Date: Winter 2022

© Teri Hitt
All Rights Reserved.

Stages of Making a Record

Here’s a little animation I made showing the different phases of making a vinyl record.
This animation is part of the Making of Dream Analog Documentary to be released later this  year. 

© Teri Hitt/All Rights Reserved.

The Sound of Vinyl is easy on the ears

According to recent statistics 70% of the US Music Market is older music. I would guess that most of this music was recorded analog. To me it just feels better on the ears mostly because you are listening to a natural sine wave instead of a machine made square wave. Vinyl record sales are the only sector of music that is growing.

Dream Analog is a True Analog Recording

Out on 180g Vinyl. I also released it digitally as a download and CD. We took the analog recordings and then digitized them. I still bet you can hear the difference in warmth.
Hear it