A story of awakening to a different perspective

The songs on Dream Analog came through over a couple years through the maze and haze of living life. They popped through to the surface and waved. There is resonance in nature and resonance in music that is recorded to tape. There is a feeling when you are connected to Nature. In a similar way, when you listen to an analog recording, which means you are listening Read More

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Teri Hitt on KXLU FM Radio

I was on the Mystic Pete Chronicles, this week. It was a fun time in conversation with Mystic Pete about the new album Dream Analog and the times we’re in.   https://kxlu.com

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Dream Analog Review by Daily Vault

Tom Haugen Executed with sincerity, emotion and plenty of universal beauty. A record largely influenced by some of the most notable songwriters of the '70s, Grace Gravity's Dream Analog was captured live in a small home studio and recorded, mixed, and mastered analog. Later on, overdubs of horns, keys, percussion, and backing vocals were added with much meticulousness, giving the album a very warm, crisp feeling.   Read More

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Dream Analog is out in the Universe!

Happy to announce we just released Dream Analog, a true analog album! Dream Analog by Grace Gravity Lyrics Liner Notes This album is a collection of songs about waking up to yourself and what happens after you step into a new series of perceptions that change your life forever.  Many of us have been realizing for sometime that the mundane physical reality is not all there is. Read More

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New Single Just Released: In The Center

By staying in the center you can weather this crazy situation in the best possible way. Remember you are a source of strength for yourself and others. Keep your frequency up and out of the lower level chaos as best you can. 

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Why Analog Recording Matters

The recording process is completely different. In Analog recording (to tape) the whole sine wave is recorded. In digital recording there are samples taken that are then strung together creating square waves. So you’re looking at a difference in the wave form that is created… Sine wave or Square wave.

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