The Making of Dream Analog

A film about making an analog record. Come along with Singer/Songwriter, Teri Hitt, through the process of making a record the way records used to be made… analog. Dream Analog was recorded to tape then mixed and mastered on analog equipment. This documentary is an overview to hopefully assist anyone in making their own analog record. It includes a great interview with legendary mastering engineer Bernie Grundman Read More

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Recording @The Home Studio

When I heard my voice played back off the Tascam tape machine the first time, I got tears in my eyes. From 2018-2019 we recorded the songs on Dream Analog. Something had always been missing in my previous (all digital) recordings. It always felt like what I was putting out was never quite relayed back to me in the digital recordings. All the feeling was not there. Read More

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Stages of Making a Record

It's quite a process to make an analog record. This video shows the stages of processing from Laquer to Record.

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The Sound of Vinyl is easy on the ears

According to recent statistics 70% of the US Music Market is older music. I would guess that most of this music was recorded analog. To me it just feels better on the ears mostly because you are listening to a natural sine wave instead of a machine made square wave. Vinyl record sales are the only sector of music that is growing. Dream Analog is a True Read More

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Dream Analog Review — Goldmine Magazine

Grace Gravity, a band helmed by Teri Hitt on vocals and acoustic guitar and featuring June Kato on bass, James Whelan on keys, Brian David Hardin on drums, and various backing singers — makes an engaging impression with their new album, Dream Analog, a seductive set of songs with a decided allure and intrigue. Hitt herself is a haunting vocalist, her high pitch delivery often Read More

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It’s Coming On

Do you feel the changes inside yourself? Have you recently discovered more about who you are? Has the world changed around you? Parallel realities combining... Dream Analog by Grace Gravity

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Video: In the Center

From Dream Analog An AAA recording: recorded + mixed + mastered analog. LYRICS When you find out you're mistaken when the road your on takes a turn Just remember every road eventually must bend In the subtle underpinnings of the life you thought you were leading there's a core of believing you must maintain through the change There's a crystal shining vision in the center if you're Read More

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