Recording @The Home Studio

When I heard my voice played back off the Tascam tape machine the first time, I got tears in my eyes. From 2018-2019 we recorded the songs on Dream Analog. Something had always been missing in my previous (all digital) recordings. It always felt like what I was putting out was never quite relayed back to me in the digital recordings. All the feeling was not there. Read More

Recording @The Home Studio2023-07-03T18:38:18-07:00

Stages of Making a Record

It's quite a process to make an analog record. This video shows the stages of processing from Laquer to Record.

Stages of Making a Record2023-07-03T18:42:11-07:00

Houston we’ve made contact

The first copy of Dream Analog sold at Canterbury Records last week. Check out this very cool record store if/when you are in the Pasadena, CA area. They probably have what you are looking for. 805 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, California 91101 USA

Houston we’ve made contact2022-03-20T05:41:35-07:00

Documentary in the works!

 Teri Hitt at Laughing Tiger Studio in Northern California. Recording a part for Dream Analog. We shot a bunch of video and photos during the process of making this all analog record. It was 4 years in the making all and all.  I've been editing a short documentary about the process of making Dream Analog. Recording Analog is quite different from the process of Read More

Documentary in the works!2023-07-09T20:19:47-07:00

There’s Something Special in Analog Sound

If you’ve ever listened to an analog vinyl record, you know there is something special in the sound —there's a warm resonance that can’t be denied. Sine waves are good for music.   Dream Analog by Grace Gravity Dream Analog was recorded to tape and then digitized for you to stream it here and on CD. The 180 vinyl was mastered by Bernie Grundman.  

There’s Something Special in Analog Sound2023-07-09T20:26:06-07:00

Teri Hitt on KXLU FM Radio

I was on the Mystic Pete Chronicles, this week. It was a fun time in conversation with Mystic Pete about the new album Dream Analog and the times we’re in.

Teri Hitt on KXLU FM Radio2023-07-09T20:27:41-07:00

Dream Analog is out in the Universe!

Happy to announce we just released Dream Analog, a true analog album! Dream Analog by Grace Gravity Lyrics Liner Notes This album is a collection of songs about waking up to yourself and what happens after you step into a new series of perceptions that change your life forever.  Many of us have been realizing for sometime that the mundane physical reality is not all there is. Read More

Dream Analog is out in the Universe!2023-07-09T20:34:05-07:00
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