Folk & Rock n’ Roll Soul

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Teri Hitt : vocals, guitar

I was made who I am by the music I heard growing up. The analog sound prevalent in the 70s, the feeling of discovery in music fed me and at times saved me from dark shallow places. The space the music was coming from, what the songwriters were writing about, was very deep and far reaching.

I love music that testifies and points to a direction out of the 3D box. Isn’t that what music is for?
There’s a lot more than this material world right?

The songs that had “it” pointed me in the right direction early on. That feeling, like a beacon through a fog, calls me on. That’s why I write songs.

When you listen to really good music it sinks in and creates a space for you.  Real present music changes you. It feeds you and gives you a platform to think about things beyond the physical world. That is what I hope to do with the songs I write. There’s something happening here …

We are in a time of a Revolution of Perception.

I once had a dream where I met myself in a parallel reality.
She/I said, “I’ve already created all the songs, I’m just sending them to you.”

Now that’s a dream!

June Kato : bass

June started playing bass when he was in his early teens, in his home town of Fukuoka, Japan. Moving to Nashville in his late teens, and later to Los Angeles, he finds himself immersed with all kinds of music, playing countless shows, recording sessions, and tours.

Musical influences: motown meets led Zeppelin molested by sonic youth and joy division…but decided to chill out with hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash.”


Brian D. Hardin : drums

Brian Hardin covers a lot of bases. He plays drums and percussion, keyboards, and a bit of native American flute. He has created over 120 Gold and Platnuim CDs/Records. A former resident of Nashville, he now resides in Los Angeles.  He’s a creator, producer, film maker, and overall sonic genius.



Rebecca Stout : background vocals

Rebecca is a rock star vocalist who can sing any harmony you can imagine and some you can’t. She is also a  flat foot dancer, sings in a women’s folk chorus and rocks the tambourine.


Jim Whelan : keyboards

James IV : background vocals