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Teri Hitt’s Grace Gravity sets the Tone for our Modern Times in Her Collection of Smart, Melodic and Uplifting Songs!

(Los Angeles, CA) Individuals decide to become artists / musicians for various reasons. Some will tell you they love the spotlight, while others are seeking their fortune. Yet others will say that they were born that way. “I really don’t know how it happened, I just kind of came in like this,” states singer / songwriter Teri Hitt “Playing music is me…it’s who I am.”

Her unique qualities become obvious while listening to her newly-released CD, “Grace Gravity.” As the onion begins to peel, more insights come to light. Her comments regarding the times we live in are a prime example.

“There is a greater expansion of all dimensions today and many of us are sensing it.” Teri feels through “Grace Gravity,” she has created a path of understanding. Flowing through the gravity of present-day situation(s), we find ourselves in the grace of knowledge and trust, eventually arriving in the presence of being.

While listening to the CD, one can hear hints of Joni Mitchell and Sheryl Crow with even a bit of Carole King but make no mistake, her music is all her own. Teri believes it is her ability to rely on her intuition that helps her create and operate outside the box — definitely something that is beyond today’s average radio fair.

“My music doesn’t fit into the formula that influences so many of the new releases.” She translated her insights with the help of producer, Brian D. Hardin (Indigo Girls, Ziggy Marley, India Arie & others) and some amazing musicians including Chester Washington (formerly with Earth, Wind and Fire) on the first song, Dreamer.

“Grace Gravity” comes across as a kind of sonic film of sorts — a movie about consciousness and experiences we are all going through. “It is a process of awakening…it’s my testimonial about the current era.”

Teri doesn’t stop there, she is also personally assisting many holistic projects and green organizations. By bringing people together and bridging information, her aim is to help us cooperatively work through the aforementioned transition(s).

“Now that Grace Gravity is released, it will take on its own life…as all creations do.” She believes “Grace Gravity” was a gift that she is passing on. “It is a work of love…my attempt to add to the positive vibrations of the planet.” Her thoughts are that, right now, “It is all about the frequency…” and that it is important for all of us to do our part to raise the wavelength. In turn, we can strive toward creating happiness, awareness and just plain feeling good! “It really does matter.”

Teri says that she would love to put a tour together and cross the U.S., a festival that includes music and sustainable practices – a space where people can create, co-create and express positivity. She’d like to include local artists and charities, sustainable practices, recycling and gardening education, all to provide a platform for transformational art, music and information. “I think this is what is needed right now.”

With Teri’s talent and drive, it seems only a matter of time before her vision becomes reality. 


Music is available on ITunes as well as CD Baby
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